These Stills are Courtesy of Micheal Beattie Media Who was the Producer of the BBC Northern Ireland s TAILWIND Documentary







Photos above are of Cpl Johnny Johnston a youn New Zealander was Travel to the UK then on to Canada returning on a Troop ship which took 6 weeks returning to England in which he reached his 20th Birthday on his travels  

RAF Castle Archdale Northrn Ireland  Johnny Returned to Northern Ireland in 2008 and is pictured with Producer Michael Beattie Beleek Historian Joe O Loughlin Johnny Johnston Cameraman John Davis






Trudy Watson  Now and in Uniform also a copy of Trudy Teenage Diary which she kept




Flt Lt Marcus Graham Picture Taken from the Sunderland Marcus was on of Attacking a U boat ,Letter Marcus Recieved from the Mother of the U Boat Captain This letter was not recieved till After the War when Marcus had been demobed






RAF Ballyhalbert played an important role during the war with a large section of the RAF Ballyhalbert coming from the Poland

Paul Henderson who was a RAF Polish rear gunner remains to this

day in Kircubbin The Painting which Hangs in the Polish Institute in London is of Young Polish Airmen at RAF Ballyhalbert during the war The Shilleleagh was Presented to 303 Sqn from the Officers Mess Polish Airmen with and unamed Young Girl at the Side of One of the Polish Graves at Ballycran  Assistant Producer Jane Veitch with Sqn Ldr Tadeusz Anders RAF with Jane in London Tadeusz passed away shorty after This


If you want to see the BBC Documentary Tailwind you can find it on the following Link:


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