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Posted by Dave Hanratty ( H ) on 24/11/2012   Email

I remember serving with miller ride at 58 Sqn raf catterick he was on his first posting and we became good friends rip wee man

Posted by alan thomas on 06/05/2012   Email

nice site i represent HMS Cumberland Association and we to have a web site on here it is HMS Cumberland Association.btck.co.uk

Posted by Mark Denton on 04/05/2012

Hello, just visited the site as I had seen the poppy pins you have had produced & am interested in buying some. Very good site.

Posted by Retsel Senots on 10/04/2012   Email

Had a good laugh at your website stating helping Serving and retried Members of the Royal Air Force. I know these are interesting times but I think you mean retired?

Posted by geoffrey e. hamilton on 09/03/2012   Email

It was interesting to visit this web site, as my late Uncle, Sgnt. Claud Hamilton, No. 581214 was stationed here in the autumn of 1939 for training purposes along with his friend Frank Hardbord. Claud was k. i. a. 10. viii. 1940 ( aged 22 ) shot down in a Blenheim Mk IV of No. 82 Sqdn. Watton, Norfolk, by Karl Heinz Metz, Oblt. of J2/8 Le Havre. He too was to die soon after on the Eastern Front. Karl also fought in the Condor Legion pre- WW II. I too have visited Aldergrove during my press tours on the occasion of two different visits by the US Pres. This web site is quite nostalgic as it here that my uncle wwas learn his craft as an A/O. God Bless all who have used this RAF base across its pre- and post WW II history. Geoff Hamilton ( 1940 - 2012 ) editor.

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